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Jun 24 2013   10:23PM GMT

Pulse offers multi-purpose fitness tracking

Posted by: RedaChouffani
fitness device, Pulse

In the next 30 days, Withings, a fitness device manufacturer, will begin shipping Pulse out to its customers. Anyone looking to experience a device that can track heart rate and other physical activities make consider it.  But for those of us up-to-date on the wealth of new fitness gadgets, this one may look at the surface to be just another fitness tracker.  However, there is more functionality than meets the eye.

This health app that tracks physical activity, weight, and sleep patterns also monitors as  heart rate. Withings is clearly offering consumers a single device for all their mhealth needs. Compared to other medical devices such as blood pressure and baby monitors, this fitness device has a longer battery life and can be worn on the wrist.

Following are some highlights of Pulse:

Meaningful and simplified data

The mobile app that processes the data captured from the Pulse is set up in such a way that the majority of the information is easy to review. With charts showing trends and day-to-day progress, the product is able to keep end users engaged.

Application integration

Many of today’s application developers are leveraging the cloud’s scalability and flexibility. Pulse offers cloud storage of information, and also offers integration capability with other partner apps that specialize in weight loss coaching, calorie tracking and cardio fitness.

Multi sensory information collection

Patients or consumers are interested in multi functional devices. This is important as it eliminates the need to carry and maintain charge on multiple devices. Pulse has been able to show that manufacturers are in fact looking to create multi-purpose gadgets by including the following benefits and capabilities in the device:

  • Steps taken
  • Elevation climbed actively
  • Distance travelled (based on user’s profile for high precision)
  • Calories burned
  • Run (daily recap of duration and distance)
  • Instant heart rate
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep quality
  • Light vs. deep sleep
  • Sleep interruptions
  • Long battery life (2 week average use between charges)

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