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Feb 25 2013   9:57PM GMT

Innovation and mHealth initiatives: Still pushing

Posted by: RedaChouffani
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Without a doubt, mHealth and telehealth (remote monitoring) will continue to play a significant role in facilitating the care and collaboration of patients today and in the future.  There are several initiatives and projects that speed up the process of getting products and devices to market.

Historically,  medical device manufacturers recognize that in order to gain market access for mHealth initiatives quickly, the FDA must be on board.

Sanita recently received approval from the FDA to offer a mobile and web platform that helps patients manage and monitor their health data in a HIPAA compliant medium, a product called “Wellaho.” As described on its website, Wellaho is “an online treatment management system tailored for you and your condition. Learn about your condition, monitor your progress, and enlist your friends, family, caregivers and others into your support community.”

This acceptance by the FDA encourages software developers to continue to innovate and introduce new mHealth products.

Another initiative that will likely encourage aggressive innovation is the X Prize Foundation, a friendly competition with a goal of encouraging the development of the next generation of medical devices that will help diagnose patients using a small device, or Tricorder.  The first place winner who creates a Tricorder able to assist/detect up to 10 health conditions accurately will receive up 10 million dollars.

Whether it is a device for glucose-monitoring, performing ECG, chronic disease management, or capturing vitals data periodically using a smart phone, it’s clear that in the last few years there has been a strong drive toward creating devices or platforms to help patients with the management of their condition, access of their medical information and quick diagnosis — without the trip to physician’s office.

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