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Jun 18 2012   9:36PM GMT

Modernizing US government systems as part of technology roadmap

Posted by: RedaChouffani
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During May of 2012, federal agencies received a directive issued by the President of United States to modernized the way government works.  Under that executive order, the federal CIO released a strategy entitled “Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the America People”.

The orders issued included the following two items:

(1)  Implement the requirements of the Strategy within 12 months of the date of this memorandum and comply with the timeframes for specific actions specified therein; and

(2)  Within 90 days of the date of this memorandum, create a page on its website to publicly report progress in meeting the requirements of the Strategy is a machine-readable format.

The document outlines a 12-month technology roadmap that will encourage the different agencies to improve on their technology platform by enabling data to be available via mobile and web-based technologies.  Part of the road map also outlines the need to adopt a platform that will enable developers to utilize APIs to gain access to government information that is machine-readable.

Currently the strategies objectives were described as:

  • Enable the American people and an increasingly mobile workforce to access high-quality digital government information and services anywhere, anytime, on any device. Operationalizing an information-centric model, we can architect our systems for interoperability and openness, modernize our content publication model, and deliver better, device-agnostic digital services at a lower cost
  • Ensure that as the government adjusts to this new digital world, we seize the opportunity to procure and manage devices, applications, and data in smart, secure and affordable ways. Learning from the previous transition of moving information and services online, we now have an opportunity to break free from the inefficient, costly, and fragmented practices of the past, build a sound governance structure for digital services, and do mobile “right” from the beginning
  • Unlock the power of government data to spur innovation across our Nation and improve the quality of services for the American people. We must enable the public, entrepreneurs, and our own government programs to better lever- age the rich wealth of federal data to pour into applications and services by ensuring that data is open and machine-readable by default

This is yet another great resource that can provide additional data as a new source for Big Data initiatives.  As different federal agencies publish information, data scientists will be able to mine and capture use for specific purposes.

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