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Mar 20 2011   4:29PM GMT

Increased popularity of CRM in hospitals

Posted by: RedaChouffani
CRM, Customer relationship Manager, Hospitals

For many years companies across different markets have adopted some sort of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). These products have helped companies’ track opportunities for new business, it also assisted in standardizing workflows, as well as tracking follow-ups as part of the overall cycle of prospects to clients.

With the ability to capture sales information and provide analysis tools, these products have been a critical piece for many customer service departments and business development teams. And we have seen an increasing number of hospitals turn to these tools to help them track several key pieces of information and identify an outcome measure for their marketing efforts.

It is not uncommon to see a hospital or IDN needing to “Sell” services since what they really do is provide patient care reactively once a patient is sick and is admitted. With the shrinking reimbursements, increased competition and increasing operational costs, hospitals must attempt to win more new “clients” or patients over.

CRM’s value comes in many different flavors in the healthcare setting:

· Tracking patient’s feedback and measuring patient satisfaction through survey responses

· Tracking the outcome of campaigns (phone, mailers, online ads) and applying BI and linking new patients to the different campaigns.

· Streamlining the process of converting prospects to clients (Patients)

· Tracking referrals from different sources (While ensuring that the hospital is inline with the current regulations associated with referrals and kick backs).

· Keeping patients informed of new physicians, new specialties, new procedures and new physician practices through mailers and newsletters.

· Improving patient satisfaction through automated follow up activities after discharge

As search engines continue to be one of many places patients first turn to for medical advice, hospitals must ensure they have a strong online presences and employ creative ways to draw patients to their doors.But in order to succeed and better track the outcomes of these efforts they must utilize a CRM products to help maximize the conversion rate of prospects to patients.

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