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Feb 25 2013   9:59PM GMT

Enhanced security from Dell’s Latitude 10

Posted by: RedaChouffani
DELL, EHR certification, Latitude 10, mhealth, tablets

Dell has launched the Latitude 10, a tablet PC with new capabilities.  The device’s benefits lie chiefly in security, performance and battery life.

For security officers, the tablet has safe guards that allows for better data protection or access capabilities, both of which may be stored in the device itself.

For financial institutes, government entities, and healthcare organizations, biometric capabilities and smart card reader seem to set this tablet apart from its competitors. While there are other methods available to secure tablets, these Dell features will help its users, especially health care providers, meet some of the requirements associated with two-authentication form factors. This is important, since meaningful use (EHR certification) and e-prescribing of controlled substances require it as part of the authentication process.

Another important aspect to note is the tablet’s ability to offer changeable battery. For many healthcare providers, having to plug in a tablet to charge can be disruptive and inconvenient. Accordingly, the ability to switch out batteries can mean longer use periods and more overall acceptance in the enterprise environment. The tablet also comes with the capability for mobile broadband (HSPA+).

The enhanced security functionality is available in one of Dell’s four offerings.  The tablet will likely peak the interest of many health care IT executives, especially those interested in the biometric, smart-card and removable battery features.

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