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Oct 1 2012   9:28PM GMT

Can EHR vendors learn anything from game developers?

Posted by: RedaChouffani
EHR, games, Luminosity, RFID

Many startups are looking for creative ways to attract users and entice them to share more about their whereabouts and likes and dislikes. This is due to the widespread adoption of smart devices, and the need for companies to find creative ways to increase app adoption. Many of the newer apps have adopted the gaming model. Application functions have been tied to point systems and rewards so that their users become more engaged. You earn more points and bragging rights the more you use the app.

I begin to wonder if the way new applications are being developed will cross over to the health care market, as we see the next generation enter the workforce and use EHRs. One recent example was an innovative new product called Luminosity Health, as described by Jason Harwell, which contains functionality that uses the data collected from radio-frequency identification (RFID) badges used by nurses and physicians, then captures the distance traveled in the hospital facility. The captured data is then assigned a value through a point system. Each employee can view their stats and compare them to the rest of the team and be rewarded. While the application’s primary goal is real time asset-tracking, the application developers have implemented a capability that already existed in the product and made the solution more exciting.

There are many takeaways from the way gamers collaborate when playing some of the complex games out there. Many game developers enabled their players to communicate via the Internet. These are simply examples of what can be learned from games that have been developed and new functionality that will engage users to efficiently use a solution and have fun while doing it.


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