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Jan 14 2013   9:35PM GMT

Seen at CES 2013: Bluetooth-enabled fork and more

Posted by: RedaChouffani
CES 2013, Hapifork, HealthSpot, kiosk, telemedicine

More than 35, 000 people visited Las Vegas for last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013, to catch a peek at some of the latest developments in consumer electronics. The Digital Health Summit within the conference hosted some nationally recognized speakers and showcased some interesting products. The conference showed that vendors who develop and provide consumer health care related products are increasing in number.

One of the products that was especially intriguing was a retail clinic in the shape of an enclosed kiosk, i.e. exam room in a box. This very well may be a feasible solution for busy patients or parents looking to get medical advice quickly for colds, ear infections or other common sicknesses. HealthSpot’s device includes many of the medical devices used during a traditional office visit. Within the unit a patient will be greeted by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner through video conferencing, who will then instruct the patient through the process of checking and capturing some of their own vitals.

Patients can also schedule appointments ahead of time, access their vitals, and get both prescriptions and follow-up care reminders, according to the HealthSpot website.

Another interesting wellness gadget was the Hapifork. Just like the name indicates, it is a fork – with some¬†fascinating¬†electronics in it. This utensil can communicate via USB or Bluetooth with smartphones or PCs and transmit information about how much time the user spends eating. This gadget provides a creative way to encourage slower eating as well as track food intake, though I won’t be eating my sandwiches with a fork anytime soon.

These are just two examples of what some innovators were showcasing to the media and technology enthusiasts at this year’s CES.

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