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November, 2011

November 27, 2011  10:28 PM

Steps to secure mobile devices in health care

Posted by: RedaChouffani
data breach, Data privacy and security, HIPAA, mhealth, mHealth security, Mobile device security, mobile health, mobile HIPAA, smartphones

Unless you've been living under a rock, the rising adoption rate of mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets, has been hard to ignore.

While mobile devices are opening access to online information like never before for both patients and...

November 27, 2011  10:26 PM

Uses of health care kiosks as checkout systems

Posted by: RedaChouffani
check In, check out, kiosk, Patient engagement, Patient registration, Workflow

Kiosks have been utilized in many different markets for years. Whether you are in an airport checking in and printing your itinerary or at a retail store checking out groceries, you've been privy to using a kiosk for a transation at some point in time for some purpose or...

November 20, 2011  9:52 PM

HIPAA audits just around the corner

Posted by: RedaChouffani
Audit, Data privacy and security, HHS OCR, HIPAA, HIPAA audits, Office of Civil Rights

The Department of Health and Human Services and the Office for Civil Righs (OCR) announced that they will begin the process of auditing covered entities and their business associates to ensure their compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and Breach Notification...

November 20, 2011  9:33 PM

Values of adopting cloud based services for healthcare organizations

Posted by: RedaChouffani
cloud, cloud computing, IaaS, Infrastructure as a service, Virtualization, Virtualization and cloud computing

In the past year, it has been hard not to notice the significant growth of the healthcare industry. Technology adoption is on the rise, and providers are investing in new, updated facilities, ones that have innovative technological capabilities and advancements built...

November 13, 2011  11:57 PM

Barriers to achieving health information exchange

Posted by: RedaChouffani
ACOs, Data management and standards, EHR adoption, EHRs, Electronic health records, Health information exchange, HIE

During a recent discussion with a hospitalist, I was asked to explain why health care as an industry is still not at a place where providers can readily receive a patient’s health information electronically whenever they need it.  While the value of EHRs is seemingly...

November 13, 2011  11:55 PM

Proposed new ruling to open access to lab test results for patients

Posted by: RedaChouffani
Consumer Health IT Summit, Data management and data standards, HIPAA, Kathleen Sebelius, Lab results, Labs, PHI, PHR, Protected Health Information

On November 12, 2011, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced the proposal of new rules that enable patients to gain access to their lab test...

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November 6, 2011  10:02 PM

Steps to take in order to have a measurable ROI from new technology

Posted by: RedaChouffani
Investment, ROI, Technology investments

As many often wonder, how can we acurately determine the ROI of tools and technology in health care? Ultimately, the ROI is highest whenever the focus is not on the technology itself, but instead on how it is going to improve care, efficiencies and workflows throughout the...

November 6, 2011  10:00 PM

What are some of the technologies that would be part of tomorrow’s hospital?

Posted by: RedaChouffani
Clinical decision support, High tech hospital, Hospital of the future, mhealth, mobile health, Real-time health monitoring, Remote patient monitoring, Systems integration

In October of 2011, Microsoft released a video on YouTube outlining what it envisions technology and productivity will be like in the future. And the message was clear: for individuals on the go, at...

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