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Meaningful Health Care Informatics Blog:

December, 2010

December 28, 2010  1:26 AM

Meaningful use proposed quality measures part 2

Posted by: RedaChouffani

Domain: Care Coordination: It is without a doubt a critical step toward improving patient outcome when providers are coordinating care.  Through the three stages of Planning, care transition and Follow up post care, this area will encourage the exchange of information as well as the use of...

December 28, 2010  1:25 AM

Meaningful Use Proposed Quality Measures Part 1

Posted by: RedaChouffani
MU, outcome, quality measures

During the month of December 2010 the HIT policy committee formed the quality measures workgroup.  Their goal was to promote new clinical quality measures for meaningful use Stage 2 and 3.  The groups focused on five different areas which were lead by individual teams or five tiger teams. The...

December 19, 2010  10:12 PM

Using the new Tax law to help with EHR implementations

Posted by: RedaChouffani

While many IT budgets have been coming under constraint due the economy state, many healthcare organizations are looking at IT to help them meet their organizational goals, meaningful use criteria and to help identify additional ways to reduce operational costs. But unfortunately some of the recent...

December 19, 2010  9:48 PM

Would Implantable medical devices need to be rebooted too

Posted by: RedaChouffani

It is extra ordinary the speed at which new software products are emerging in the market place. Ranging from Apps developed for smart phones, to fully functional web based EHR systems. But many of the products certainly come with a disclaimer. This is called the “Limited Liability” and all the...

December 12, 2010  9:56 PM

The costs of the recommendations made by the PCAST on Health Information

Posted by: RedaChouffani
PCAST, Universal Exchange, white house

My previous post I discussed the report submitted by (PCAST) Entitled “Realizing the Full Potential of Health Information Technology to Improve Healthcare for Americans” to the white house.  The article focused on the recommendations that were made by the group members to improve and...

December 11, 2010  8:34 PM

Realizing the Full Potential of Health Information Technology to Improve Healthcare for Americans

Posted by: RedaChouffani

Today the secretary of the health and human services released a statement praising the president and the leaders in congress for proposing legislation that will prevent a significant cut for doctors from taking effect on January 1st.  This is good news for many. In addition on December 9th,...

December 5, 2010  10:24 PM

Updates on initiatives from Healthy People 2020

Posted by: RedaChouffani
healthy 2020, HHS

With the recent reveal of Healthy people 2020, the department of Health and Human Services is pushing further to help improve the health of nation.  This initiative was lunched on December 2nd, 2010 and it is focused on a 10-year agenda to accomplish its goals. The organization’s mission as...

December 5, 2010  8:15 PM

XBox 360 Kinect coming to health care

Posted by: RedaChouffani
EHR, Kinect, Touch-less Kiosk, X-Box 360

The recently released Xbox 360 Kinect has been a much anticipated event for many gamers. This device has enabled the human body to become the actual controller.  While this is not new technology by no means, it has still created a sensation amongst hackers and developers.  The goal was to utilize...

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