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 Will mobile OS become irrelevant?
As health IT systems move towards cloud computing interfaces, will mobile operating systems be an irrelevant factor? If you can open a web browser to compute, then it should not matter whether you're running iOS, Android, or BlackBerry.
ASKED: January 4, 2011  9:22 PM
UPDATED: February 12, 2011  3:50 pm

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The relevance of operating system will remain if data encryption and compliance with HIPAA PHI - storing data.
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It’s still important for devices to draw you to the cloud. In other words, just because your email is hosted on your company servers, doesn’t mean the notification you get on your device isn’t important.

Now, if you take an application more sophisticated than email, it might require more client-side information. Applications on IOS or Android for instance perform much faster than navigating to equivalent websites because those apps are tailored for the platform.

I believe that mobile solutions will become MORE important. The differences in operating systems could also begin playing a significant role. IOS is pretty specialized for the i-Devices. It only exists in the form factors defined by Apple. Android on the other hand can in theory, run on any device with the right hardware.

What if doctors tools began running tailored versions of Android to perform different tasks? That could be pretty interesting and would allow developers to focus on a single platform with proven mobile roots…

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