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 What is the practical value of health IT certification
There are several organizations that offer professional health IT certification. For instance, HIMSS offers the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS). What is the practical value of these types of certifications?
ASKED: January 5, 2011  8:31 PM
UPDATED: May 22, 2017  8:14 am

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The educational system lacked specific degrees that combine technology and health-care. And to resolve that need many of the groups out there created certification or programs that can help create this new breed of knowledge. With some of the federal grants for example in the state of NC we have three colleges that receive support to education students on several things that they would not be able to receive in a typical university. Such as EHR, Lab system, Digital Imaging, IT support, Virtualization, clinical workflow and the basics being reimbursements, ICD9/10 and so forth. But we have started seeing some of the universities create programs and even master's degrees that would provide practical value so that the graduates can hit the road running. health-care is not simple and health-care technology is even more complex and it is paramount for any health organization to have qualified staff. Actually, I like to come here to acknowledge the answers of questions on essay services and i fully hope i will get reliable source very soon.
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