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 What if EHR doesn’t live up to promises?
What if an EHR system is certified to meet meaningful use requirements (for stage 1, anyway) but is not performing as expected? Is there any recourse for the buyer? Are the EHR certification bodies accountable, or just the EHR vendor?
ASKED: March 6, 2012  4:16 PM
UPDATED: March 15, 2012  2:02 am

Answer Wiki:
For starters, it's worth pointing out that, for each of the meaningful use requirements, there are corresponding <a href="">EHR standards</a> that vendors must meet. Put another way, EHR vendors must be able to demonstrate to ONC-ATCBs that their systems are able to perform the task (that is, meet the standard) related to each meaningful use requirement. That said, if a hospital or eligible provider finds itself unable to achieve meaningful use and, therefore, subject to the financial penalties spelled out in the HITECH Act, there is an <a href="">appeal process</a>, and an "extreme circumstance" such as an EHR vendor going out of business or losing its certification is certainly reason enough to apply for an appeal. To that end, providers wondering <a href="">if an EHR vendor will make it to meaningful use stage 3</a> should try to find out who is backing that vendor financially, what kind of customers the vendor is supporting and what kind of revenue model the vendor is using.
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