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 Thoughts about Chrome OS?
What are your thoughts about the new Chrome OS by Google? Will this have a major impact in the health care industry?
ASKED: December 11, 2010  5:01 AM
UPDATED: June 19, 2017  10:37 pm

Answer Wiki:
I am a big fan of Google, and when the Chrome OS came out, i remember loading it into a virtual machine and being very excited about using it. But after few minutes, I realized that it was simply lacking some of the basic things that an operating system should have. But it has been a while and now with Google planning on their first laptop that is Chrome OS based things might change a little. The only reservations that I have are: Since Chrome is Linux base, and Linux had a lot of difficulties gaining market share especially with Windows and Apple dominating the market, would Chrome OS have anything to offer that would force anyone to make the switch? It is true that it would have its own market place, but if Google has had more success with Androids, and Android tablets, then shouldn't that be and stay the focus? I think in health-care the major impacts would be made by the devices such as iPad and Android based tablets. These clearly have shown significant number of adopters and continue to see new products or solutions being developed and commercialized on these devices.
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