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 The year 2014 the year of penalties and reimbursement cuts
As we continue to get close to 2014, it is clear for everyone that not participating into the ARRA with MU will bring penalties for lack of participating in PQRI, e Perscribing, ARRA. Unfortunately these will become more significant. Are the penalties significant enough to justify going forward with EMR?
ASKED: October 4, 2010  2:20 AM
UPDATED: October 16, 2010  1:00 am

Answer Wiki:
Let's remember that the penalties only apply to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. For large group practices, community health centers and hospitals having a significant number of Medicare or Medicaid patients, I expect the penalties and incentives will motivate EHR adoption. With respect to small independent practices, however, the penalties may have an adverse effect. Such physicians may simply stop taking Medicare and Medicaid patients. If practices see no compelling, sustainable business value in using an EHR, then incentives and penalties will have only a limited impact on the adoption rate. I agree- penalties will only undermine the Medicare/Medicaid programs as physicians cut back on their participation. Also, many of us believe that the HITECH Act's penalty statutes are illegal, and I argued why here- The government pinheads which came up with the idea of punishing the very doctors that they need to see this nation's poor and elderly will eventually need to step back, reflect, and repeal this bad law.
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