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Resource allocation and project prioritization for enterprise-level initiatives
We are a mid-size facility amidst an EHR upgrade, curious how others have handled resource allocation and prioritization (funding, staff) for infrastructure projects (disaster recovery planning, etc.) and other ongoing enterprise-wide and live application projects (clinical systems integration, EHR, ICD-10, etc.)? How should we prioritize between federal compliance and a strong, resilient infrastructure?

Answer Question   |  May 24, 2012  6:22 pm
disaster recovery, EHR implementation, Infrastructure, Tags: Resource allocation
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30 pts.

Does your health organization have a social media policy?
There are a growing number of health care professionals using social media these days. Does your organization have a policy?

Answer Question   |  August 4, 2011  4:51 am
facebook, social media, Twitter
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810 pts.

How do you do a PROC overriding a PROC in JCL?
We have PROC’s inside of PROC’s in our JCL, how do you override the inner proc?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  12:27 am
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5 pts.

Printing via Mac Hosting XP Through Parallels
I have several Doctors who of course love MacBooks. The issue is that our EMR application is hosted on a Windows Citrix Farm and uses Windows Virtual Drivers to print. This is not a problem when using a Windows based system. But what can I do when users want to use MacBooks and still make...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  11:04 pm
Citrix, MacBook, Parallels, printing, Windows 7
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5 pts.

How Close are we to having standarized forms accross the board for Health Care claims?
I deal with applications responsible for the scanning and capturing of medical information off of claim forms and other related paperwork sent to my company(insurance industry).  One of the biggest issues we face is the fact that the majority of information we need is still contained on unstructured forms.  Or where we are sent information...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  7:12 pm
5 pts.

Oracle and the Itanium chip controversy
Since Oracle is no longer going to support the Itanium chip, what direction is best for those of us in the industry using HP UX and Oracle to support our software platform? We are currently planning an upgrade to AMISYS ADVANCE Release 6.  This release requires us to be on HP UX version 11.23 as...

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  7:17 pm
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5 pts.

Legacy Systems
Our Clinical data is in a highly refined/adapted version of ACT! Will it be possible to “import” it into a real EHR system? ACT! is ODBC compliant.

Answer Question   |  May 23, 2011  10:02 pm
ACT!, Legacy
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5 pts.

Top Visiting Nurse Healthcare Management System Providers
Looking for a list of the top providers of Software as a Service (SaaS) /Cloud based business operations software for small (<$5million a year), local non-profit organizations in the Visiting Nurse space.

Answer Question   |  May 17, 2011  5:19 pm
cloud computing, Healthcare software, Software as a Service/SaaS
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5 pts.

using a Google based TV in hospitals
What does everyone think having the ability to view charts directly by using an App installed on the “google enabled Tvs” and then view the chart and records with the patient, just by simply using the remote control of the tv. is there real tangible use for this concept?

Answer Question   |  January 20, 2011  7:11 pm
Google tv, patient chart
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1,785 pts.

Thoughts about Chrome OS?
What are your thoughts about the new Chrome OS by Google? Will this have a major impact in the health care industry?

Answer Question   |  June 19, 2017  5:01 am
chrome, google
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810 pts.

Making possible usage of the Microsoft Kinect
After looking at few videos of the new uses of the Microsoft (Xbox 360) Kinect, it made me wonder what could the potentials be for using such a smart device in the healthcare industry?

Answer Question   |  December 7, 2010  4:37 am
Healthcare software, Kinect
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1,785 pts.

OT/OR Monitors and PACS
Is there any special kind of Operation Theatre or Operation Room Workstations or Monitors available.What kind of size and resolution will be good for them.

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  7:41 pm
Monitors, OR, OT, PACs
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70 pts.

Interfaced vs Integrated?
We are constantly hearing these terms about how an EHR/PMS is an integrated system and that it would be a much better solution than an interfaced one. But is it really true that an interfaced system is any less reliable?

Answer Question   |  December 11, 2018  4:30 am
Integration, Interfaces
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1,785 pts.

Interfacing best-of-breed PM/EHR solutions via HL7 transactions
PCP Associates, a small PCP practice (two physicians), already has a practice management (PM) system installed.  There is no acceptable EHR solution that uses the same database and computer system that the PM uses.  PCP Associates belongs to a local independent practice association (IPA) which is offering a program to encourage small PCP practices to...

Answer Question   |  August 11, 2010  5:35 pm
Best-of-breed, ehr, Practice Management Systems
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5 pts.

Flash supporting Android tablet- backlash on Apple?
Do you think Flash being supported on Android will impact Apple’s physician market reach? How might a potential anti-trust suit impact HIT?

Answer Question   |  June 19, 2010  6:58 pm
Adobe, Android, Apple, Flash, iPad, iphone
asked by:
25 pts.

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