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Device integration standards
Integrating data from medical devices into medical records is being on the rise during the past decade. However, initiatives to standardize device communication and connectivity are not clear nor sufficient. Is there any discussion about this subject?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  2:12 pm
medical devices
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What’s the best solution to secure portable devices
With the demand for the adoption of portable devices such as iPad, Playbook and all kinds of smart devices, Information Security management are facing more and more challenge. What would be the best practice for an organization to embrace the new technology but maintain the security baseline at the meantime?

Answer Question   |  May 27, 2011  7:15 pm
portable devices, smart phone, tablets
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10 pts.

Medical Device Security
It seems to me that the FDA is still a little apprehensive when it comes to getting involved in setting standards for medical device security Рeven though IT security issues in this space can directly impact patient safety.  What are industry leaders and manufacturers doing to work together on this important issue of medical...

Answer Question   |  November 24, 2017  7:31 pm
FDA, HIPAA, medical devices, Modality, security
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IT support for Consumer Electronic devices
How are other IT organizations handling the support question around the demand(by staff) for the use of consumer-based electronic(mobile) devices?

Answer Question   |  May 26, 2011  12:51 pm
authentication, consumer electronics, device management, enterprise, IT support, Mobile devices and telehealth, security, smartphones, tablets
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5 pts.

Windows Phone 7 in health IT?
The health IT industry seems to be dominated by iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Where will Windows Phone 7 fit?

Answer Question   |  November 29, 2010  3:54 am
microsoft, windows phone 7
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810 pts.

what are some of the medical devices that are commonly used and interfaced?
While many practices send patients with certain devices home, I am curious to find out what are some of the commonly used medical devices that are interfaced with the EMR?

Answer Question   |  October 18, 2010  2:45 am
EHR Certification, medical devices
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1,785 pts.

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