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tablets Questions

HIPAA and other compliance on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
So how are people currently addressing HIPAA compliance on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).  And are you using a single solution or multiple solutions for different device OS – Blackberry, iOS, Android, WebOS, ChromeOS, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, etc.  Are you using native applications or web applications for patient information?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  5:59 pm
Compliance, HIPAA, smartphones, tablets
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What’s the best solution to secure portable devices
With the demand for the adoption of portable devices such as iPad, Playbook and all kinds of smart devices, Information Security management are facing more and more challenge. What would be the best practice for an organization to embrace the new technology but maintain the security baseline at the meantime?

Answer Question   |  May 27, 2011  7:15 pm
portable devices, smart phone, tablets
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IT support for Consumer Electronic devices
How are other IT organizations handling the support question around the demand(by staff) for the use of consumer-based electronic(mobile) devices?

Answer Question   |  May 26, 2011  12:51 pm
authentication, consumer electronics, device management, enterprise, IT support, Mobile devices and telehealth, security, smartphones, tablets
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Tablet OS & Healthcare Apps
What platform will the majority of healthcare apps be written for? (Android/IOS/Windows/etc)

Answer Question   |  May 23, 2011  5:12 pm
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is cheaper always better in the tech world?
Now that an Indian minister is promising a $35 tablet running Android, and the existence of some inexpensive tablets right at k-Mart (149.00), can all these devices encourage adoption in the enterprise and development of more medical apps?

Answer Question   |  August 15, 2010  3:30 am
Android tablets, tablets
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iPad or Android tablets for check-in
I have seen several surgery organizations using DVD players to educate the patients on certain procedures prior to the surgery. Has anyone seen those “old” dvd players replaced with iPads or other tablets? Can’t their functionality be extended and used to check-in patients and get certain forms filled electronically?

Answer Question   |  July 21, 2010  3:03 am
iPad, Kiosk, tablets
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