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SaaS Questions

Surgery Scheduling and Collaboration
Are there any web based(cloud) surgery scheduling applications that allow for hospital and vendor communication?

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  8:55 pm
cloud computing, mobile apps, SaaS, surgery scheduling
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Document management in the cloud?
Can a cloud based document management be the next as benificial as other products available throught the SaaS model?

Answer Question   |  July 24, 2011  3:31 pm
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Pros and cons of using a SaaS
GE Healthcare recently announced Centricity Advance, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) PM/EMR solution.  With respect to the requirements of a small practice (five or fewer practitioners), what are the pros and cons of using a SaaS?

Answer Question   |  September 3, 2010  3:58 pm
EMR, Practice Management Systems, SaaS
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going straight to the cloud
As we see more and more healthcare organizations adopting virtualizations and especially the small to mid-size market. Does it make more sense to actually go directly to a hosted model or cloud computing, or should that be something for later?

Answer Question   |  January 11, 2011  2:09 pm
cloud computing, SaaS, virtual
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EMR/PM SaaS solutions for smaller practices
For smaller primary care practices (five or fewer physicians), what integrated EMR/PM solutions are available as SaaS for a monthly subscription fee? (Solution must be shared by multiple tenants concurrently.)

Answer Question   |  July 10, 2010  3:25 pm
EMR, Physician Practice, Practice Management, SaaS
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Thoughts on a recent post- client server supreme?
I read a recent a post today by a hybrid EMR provider consultant that stated “Over the long term, a client-server offering often costs far less than a web-based subscription offering, and a well-designed client-server EMR always delivers productivity-enhancing benefits that save physicians both time and money.” Thoughts on this? What if your practice simply does not...

Answer Question   |  June 22, 2010  8:38 pm
client server, EMR, SaaS
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