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REC Questions

RECs and health care vendor relationships
do RECs work with (or compete against?) health care vendors who already offer a “community” system (community system = data sharing amongst their own products, i.e., ambulatory, homecare and hospital)?

Answer Question   |  October 24, 2011  5:56 pm
Health information exchange, HIE, REC, Regional Extension Centers, Vendor collaboration
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RECs- Serving physicians effectively?
A number of Regional Extension Centers are currently under development to help practices adopt EMR/EHR solutions and achieve Meaningful Use.  Are any of the RECs operational yet, and if so, what has been their success so far in attracting physicians and in serving the physicians effectively?

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  4:43 pm
EHR Integration, EHR systems, REC
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Regional Extension Centers effectiveness
To effectively encourage the adoption of electronic health records, should the regional extension centers expend who they support from the beginning and not limit to small practices and primary care only in the beginning?  What about the different specialties and larger groups?     

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  4:13 am
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Unanticipated Meaningful Use Assistance for Physicians
Beyond the incentives, what help should be made available to doctors on their journey to Meaningful Use ?

Answer Question   |  April 6, 2018  4:27 pm
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