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Privacy Questions

securing your smart phone
Many of the apps available in the app store and Market place for the android have access to the phone directory, email identify and few other private items.  Does this mean that if you have a smartphone then you will most likely be the “victim” of targeted marketing AKA MORE SPAM.  Or is your privacy...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  4:33 am
Privacy, smartphones
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Effects of privacy rule provisions next month?
DHHS is set to release provisions to the privacy rule next month per their May inventory of regulations that was published in the April 26 Federal Register. As there hasn’t been any other details released, what do you think these provisions will ential? Effects on both group practice owners and hospitals alike?

Answer Question   |  May 24, 2017  6:30 pm
data privacy, data security, Privacy, security
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What is the role of patient consent in health information exchange?
What kind of tools will be needed to enable patients to manage the transmission of their health data?  How could they control which types of information go to which providers in which circumstances?  (This assumes, of course, that the healthcare community believes that patients should ideally have such control.  However, if the community does not...

Answer Question   |  June 22, 2010  10:49 pm
consent, HIE, Privacy
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