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Price comparison right for health care?
Should consumers be able to compare prices in healthcare, like they can in almost any other market?

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  7:52 pm
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Evidence of mobile health increasing patient engagement?
Is there any long-term evidence to support that mHealth technology, tools, apps, etc. can truly modify behavior by increasing patient engagement and connectivity? I’d be interested to hear from providers who have seen a “lasting” uptick in patient engagement and if there is any adherence data for some of today’s most utilized mHealth applications. Thanks!

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  8:11 pm
Behavior modification, mhealth, mobile health, patient engagement
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5 pts.

ACO final rules and regulations?
·         What do you think about the ACO final rules and regulations? What do you think needs to happen for the ACO model to have a shot at success? What would need to happen on the front of patient engagement and accountability?  

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  12:54 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACOs, Health information exchange, HIE, patient engagement
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20 pts.

Does your health organization have a social media policy?
There are a growing number of health care professionals using social media these days. Does your organization have a policy?

Answer Question   |  August 4, 2011  4:51 am
facebook, social media, Twitter
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Google will stop google health
what are your thoughts on Google announcing that it will stop operating Google Health?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  8:38 pm
Google Health
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1,785 pts.

The health care consumer (aka patient) as stakeholder
The patient will need to become a more active participant in his or her own care: He or she will need to be educated, will need to be responsible and accountable for participating in his or her own care, and new guidelines and bounderies regarding transparency of health records, will have to be established. This...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  8:26 pm
care, communication, consumer, coordination, inclusion, outcomes, patient, stakeholder, transparency
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15 pts.

IT support for Consumer Electronic devices
How are other IT organizations handling the support question around the demand(by staff) for the use of consumer-based electronic(mobile) devices?

Answer Question   |  May 26, 2011  12:51 pm
authentication, consumer electronics, device management, enterprise, IT support, Mobile devices and telehealth, security, smartphones, tablets
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What’s preventing patient portal adoption?
Lately I have written quite a bit about patient portals — specifically, my brief experience with their (lack of ) functionality and the notion that the digital divide prevents patients from using them. I see a Catch-22 — portals won’t catch on until they offer more features, but those who developm patient portals won’t be...

Answer Question   |  April 20, 2011  5:08 pm
patient engagement, patient records, Portal Technology
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490 pts.

How to improve Epic at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
How could the Epic system at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates be improved with respect to… a) Spread. Line graphs. The line graphs aren’t correctly spread along the X axis and Y axis for data. b) No deleting. Patient information, patient data, doctors’ letters shouldn’t be deleted from patients’ online medical records. Deleting is contrary to...

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  3:10 pm
deletions, epic, harvard vanguard, harvard vanguard medical associates, line graph, line graphs, restoring data, transparency
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5 pts.

Transferring records amongst PHR
Would it make sense to have the ability for PHR that are available out there to talk with each other, or would we simply have to re-upload our CCD or records to a new one?

Answer Question   |  June 5, 2012  2:32 am
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using a Google based TV in hospitals
What does everyone think having the ability to view charts directly by using an App installed on the “google enabled Tvs” and then view the chart and records with the patient, just by simply using the remote control of the tv. is there real tangible use for this concept?

Answer Question   |  January 20, 2011  7:11 pm
Google tv, patient chart
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1,785 pts.

Meaningful use of Twitter in health IT?
I’d love to hear your stories of “meaningful use” of Twitter in the health IT industry. I know that many healt IT executives do not use Twitter, but if we could generate some buzz and share some great examples, then I’d be willing to discuss these stories when I’m at HIMSS 2011.

Answer Question   |  November 29, 2010  4:01 am
health IT, social media, Twitter
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810 pts.

How to measure patient satisfaction
In order to improve on something, you must be able to measure it, trend it, and analyze it. So far some of the entities do perform some sort of surveys that help with that for example Medicare contacting patients after discharge. But I was just courious to hear how others are currently getting this done...

Answer Question   |  October 11, 2010  3:46 am
patient surveys
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1,785 pts.

Portal technology, enterprise networking security, performance and scalability.
With the use of portol technology on the rise, the one concern that I have in integrating such components (lots of parts), was their lack of reference to CERT advisory issues regarding published vulnerabilities.  My guess is I have to do my own homework and develop, then publish my own reference.  But I am sure...

Answer Question   |  August 1, 2010  4:04 pm
Portal Technology
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280 pts.

How valuable are personal health records to your organization?
A recent Lake Research Partners survey suggests that patients who use a personal health record (PHR) service are more likely to pay increased attention to and take steps to improve their own health, Moreover, though only 7% of Americans use a PHR service, 40% expressed interest in doing so. Is your organization working with a...

Answer Question   |  June 23, 2010  4:21 pm
personal health records
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490 pts.

What is the role of patient consent in health information exchange?
What kind of tools will be needed to enable patients to manage the transmission of their health data?  How could they control which types of information go to which providers in which circumstances?  (This assumes, of course, that the healthcare community believes that patients should ideally have such control.  However, if the community does not...

Answer Question   |  June 22, 2010  10:49 pm
consent, HIE, Privacy
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5 pts.

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