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patient engagement Questions

Evidence of mobile health increasing patient engagement?
Is there any long-term evidence to support that mHealth technology, tools, apps, etc. can truly modify behavior by increasing patient engagement and connectivity? I’d be interested to hear from providers who have seen a “lasting” uptick in patient engagement and if there is any adherence data for some of today’s most utilized mHealth applications. Thanks!

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  8:11 pm
Behavior modification, mhealth, mobile health, patient engagement
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ACO final rules and regulations?
·         What do you think about the ACO final rules and regulations? What do you think needs to happen for the ACO model to have a shot at success? What would need to happen on the front of patient engagement and accountability?  

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  12:54 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACOs, Health information exchange, HIE, patient engagement
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What’s preventing patient portal adoption?
Lately I have written quite a bit about patient portals — specifically, my brief experience with their (lack of ) functionality and the notion that the digital divide prevents patients from using them. I see a Catch-22 — portals won’t catch on until they offer more features, but those who developm patient portals won’t be...

Answer Question   |  April 20, 2011  5:08 pm
patient engagement, patient records, Portal Technology
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