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PACs Questions

What’s the best mobile device for hospitalists and emergency physicians to access EHR and/or PACS systems?
What in your opinion is the best mobile device for hospitalists and emergency physicians to access EHR and/or PACS systems from within a hospital environment? Things concerning me are: -battery life and hot-swap ability -ability to be quickly and effectively steralized -ease of use -durability -loss prevention -processing power and speed of data transfer

Answer Question   |  May 27, 2011  7:30 pm
Android, Devices, ehr, iPad, PACs
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15 pts.

Structured Report to HL7 CDA
Why some body need to change the key image note or the DICOM  structured report to HL7 CDA format.What benefit one can derieve with this approach.

Answer Question   |  July 6, 2018  7:24 pm
CDA, HL7, PACs, Structured report
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435 pts.

Mismatch worklist
Under what circumstances mismatch of RIS order  and PACS study occur.What can be done to reduce these issues.

Answer Question   |  July 3, 2018  8:52 pm
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70 pts.

Radiology Procedure code
Can one use directly ICD 9 or 10 and SNOMED CT codes directly in RIS for Radiology procedures.If so why many facility devise their own codes for the same.Wouldn’t it be quick and easy to use those codes directly in configuring the Master Data file for RIS and PACS.

Answer Question   |  January 17, 2018  8:28 pm
PACs, RIS, terminology
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70 pts.

Data Migration RIS PACS
Data Migration often is tedious task.What can be done to simplify the data migration task and what are the different options available for facility in context of migrating data from legacy system to new RIS PACS System

Answer Question   |  May 31, 2018  8:23 pm
Migration, PACs, RIS
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70 pts.

Image transfer from Modality to PACS
Which option is more preferred to send the images from Modality to PACS – Autoforward or Manual.Why do techs will prefer to send the images manually when autoforward option is available.

Answer Question   |  November 27, 2010  8:19 pm
Imaging, Modality, PACs
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70 pts.

Are DICOM vieweing stations overpriced or is it just me?
I have been a big fan of ClearCanvas (open-source RIS/PACS system), and I have not been able to understand the reason for the price tag on some of the commercial viewing stations. Even web viewers seem to be a little overpriced. Is there a reason for that?

Answer Question   |  October 15, 2010  3:37 am
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1,785 pts.

RIS PACS and advanced processing
How can one make  advanced image processing capabilities available to wider clinician group apart from Radiologists.Is technology provides solution to this problem

Answer Question   |  October 1, 2010  12:09 pm
Advanced processing, PACs
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70 pts.

RIS PACS and terminologies
how can we incoporate terminologies in RIS PACS and how does it helps

Answer Question   |  October 1, 2010  12:00 pm
PACs, RIS, terminologies
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70 pts.

RIS PACS and Reports
Vendor configures various reports in the begining during implementation but what happen when later when we  get more requirements for reports.Does vendor allow to query their databases

Answer Question   |  March 9, 2018  11:57 am
Business Intelligence, PACs, Reports, RIS
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70 pts.

Data Center and RIS PACS
What preparation one can do in terms of data center readiness when se rvers and racks for new RIS PACS systems are anticipated.How can vendor support this activity

Answer Question   |  March 9, 2018  7:11 pm
Data centers, PACs, RIS
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35 pts.

PACS Studies Split and Merge
What is splitting and merging in PACS and what is the use case for the Split and merge.Does RIS vendor RIS PACS provide this features as standard

Answer Question   |  May 25, 2018  7:02 pm
PACs, Studies
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35 pts.

OT/OR Monitors and PACS
Is there any special kind of Operation Theatre or Operation Room Workstations or Monitors available.What kind of size and resolution will be good for them.

Answer Question   |  February 21, 2018  7:41 pm
Monitors, OR, OT, PACs
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70 pts.

How can RIS PACS help to meet HIPAA compliance.What kind of P&P will help to achieve this

Answer Question   |  September 25, 2010  7:16 pm
HIPAA, PACs, RIS, security
asked by:
70 pts.

Breast Screening Program
What are the features in RIS-PACS one can look for when somebody is planning for Breast screening program

Answer Question   |  March 11, 2018  5:27 am
Mammo, PACs, RIS
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70 pts.

DICOM Modality Integration common issues
What are the common challenges faced while doing integration of modality with RIS-PACS.

Answer Question   |  March 5, 2018  11:17 am
DICOM, Integration, PACs, RIS
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35 pts.

What is single signon in RIS-PACS context.What is context sharing and CCOW?

Answer Question   |  May 23, 2018  11:14 am
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35 pts.

How can one bring HIPAA compliance using RIS-PACS technology?Is it mandatory for JCI accredited hospital to incorporate HIPAA compliance when PACS is being rolled out?

Answer Question   |  March 1, 2018  11:00 am
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35 pts.

DICOM Structured Report
What is DICOM Structured report.What are the benefits of DICOM structured reporting.When buying RIS-PACS system what needs to be taken care to accrue benefits of Structured report

Answer Question   |  December 26, 2017  8:57 am
DICOM, PACs, RIS, Structured report
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70 pts.

What is HL7 standard and Where does HL7 fits into RIS PACS which is predominantly using DICOM standard for Integration.

Answer Question   |  July 11, 2018  11:15 am
HL7, Integration, Interoperability and health information exchange, PACs, RIS
asked by:
70 pts.

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