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Imaging Questions

Image transfer from Modality to PACS
Which option is more preferred to send the images from Modality to PACS – Autoforward or Manual.Why do techs will prefer to send the images manually when autoforward option is available.

Answer Question   |  November 27, 2010  8:19 pm
Imaging, Modality, PACs
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Wireless technology for Image access
What are the strategies and methods that can be adopted for the Radiology image and report access of patient at the point of care near patient bedside.Is the advent of new gadgets like ipad and clone can prove to be useful tool for access of image for rounding physician.Is the wireless technology reliable enough to...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  11:52 am
image access, Imaging, PACs, Radiology, wireless
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435 pts.

PACS Architecture
What is the general Architecture of PACS? What are the major components of PACS?

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  12:14 pm
architecture, Imaging, PACs, Radiology
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PACS Image Thin Slices
Does it make sense to store all the thin slices generated in the modality such as CT or MR or only selected thick slices in the PACS.Is it going to effect efficiency of Radiologist if whole set of thin slice of images are produced before them.What other kind of strategies one can adopt relavant to...

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  11:53 am
Imaging, PACs
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Imaging Data Capacity Analysis
The images are high volume data.How the storage needs are assessed while planning for PACS.what are the baseline used for calculation of image and study size for the different imaging modalities.what are the other factors needs to be taken into account.

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  10:52 am
Data Analysis, Imaging, PACs, Storage and PACS
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