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ICD-10 Questions

ICD-10 vendors
Where should one look for ICD-10 vendors/vendor reviews? Don’t know where to begin

Answer Question   |  December 11, 2018  6:46 pm
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Can I outsource ICD-10 training services?
Are there any companies that offer ICD-10 training services?

Answer Question   |  March 19, 2012  6:09 pm
Billing, Coding and documentation, ICD-10, training
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10 pts.

Do you feel betrayed by the ICD-10 delay?
Jim Gibson tweeted from HIMSS 2012: Many CIOs at #HIMSS12 feel betrayed by #ICD10 delay. Fought for $$ and resources and now viewed as crying wolf… #butstillrelieved. Others tweeted that they’re hearing similar sentiments. We’re still waiting for details of the ICD-10 delay, but in the meantime, do you feel betrayed? Did you fight for...

Answer Question   |  February 21, 2012  6:57 pm
ICD-10, ICD-10 conversion
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195 pts.

Biggest barriers to ICD-10 implementation
Moving to ICD-10 is going to be a huge change for physicians. What are some of the biggest barriers to ICD-10 implementation?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  8:22 pm
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810 pts.

ICD-10 compliance
What is the final deadline for compliance for the transition to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS?

Answer Question   |  June 21, 2010  2:22 pm
ICD-10, ICD-10-CM
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5 pts.

Payer contracts and ICD-10 transition
Has anyone has reached out to their payers to see what their plans are for ICD-10? Are you going to have to renegotiate many of your contracts?

Answer Question   |  April 27, 2010  8:11 pm
ICD-10, ICD-10-CM, ICD-9, ICD-9-CM
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10 pts.

ICD-9/10 and SNOMED-CT- Options?
Are you going to ICD-10 or staying with ICD-9? Or is anyone implementing SNOMED-CT–and if so, are you doing ICD-10 before or after adopting SNOMED-CT?

Answer Question   |  April 8, 2010  8:17 pm
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20 pts.

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