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Current State of HL7
What is the current technology state of HL7 from health care enterprise implementation?

Answer Question   |  December 11, 2018  3:50 pm
HL7, microsoft
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10 pts.

Dangers of overusing apps
Can the overuse of mHealth apps lead to overconfident patients who start to trust their own intel over a doctor’s? How can a balance be struck in this age of widespread app usage and mobile connectivity?

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  8:01 pm
app, mhealth, mobile apps
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20 pts.

Epic Certification
How do you get Epic Certification?

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  6:19 pm
certification, epic
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5 pts.

Anyone have connections with EPIC?  I’m interested in switching from a University setting into the health care setting, and it seems most of the hospitals in MN/ND have switched to EPIC.

Answer Question   |  October 23, 2018  8:34 pm
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5 pts.

EPIC Software Staffing Problems
During recent interviews for Hospital system analyst positions, I was told that I needed be EPIC certified. The only problem was the hospital group had to hire me and send me to the EPIC training and I had to take certification testing after the training at the EPIC training site out of state. I would...

Answer Question   |  October 24, 2011  2:13 am
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5 pts.

Printing via Mac Hosting XP Through Parallels
I have several Doctors who of course love MacBooks. The issue is that our EMR application is hosted on a Windows Citrix Farm and uses Windows Virtual Drivers to print. This is not a problem when using a Windows based system. But what can I do when users want to use MacBooks and still make...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  11:04 pm
Citrix, MacBook, Parallels, printing, Windows 7
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5 pts.

Oracle and the Itanium chip controversy
Since Oracle is no longer going to support the Itanium chip, what direction is best for those of us in the industry using HP UX and Oracle to support our software platform? We are currently planning an upgrade to AMISYS ADVANCE Release 6.  This release requires us to be on HP UX version 11.23 as...

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  7:17 pm
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5 pts.

Application interface strategy
Hello, We are in the process of maintaining our current portolio of legacy applicatins while we move ahead with implementation of Epic as our primary HIS.  What is the most recommended application & data interface strategy to ensure the key & critical legacy applications are successfully interfaced back to Epic/HIS? thank you.

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  5:26 am
epic, HIS, Integration Engine
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5 pts.

How to improve Epic at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
How could the Epic system at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates be improved with respect to… a) Spread. Line graphs. The line graphs aren’t correctly spread along the X axis and Y axis for data. b) No deleting. Patient information, patient data, doctors’ letters shouldn’t be deleted from patients’ online medical records. Deleting is contrary to...

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  3:10 pm
deletions, epic, harvard vanguard, harvard vanguard medical associates, line graph, line graphs, restoring data, transparency
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5 pts.

Free mobile apps
Someone asked me this the other day: Who supports the development of free mobile apps? If you look on the iTunes App Store, you’ll see a variety of free apps. Do companies make money by releasing free apps?

Answer Question   |  March 27, 2011  12:20 am
app, mobile health
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810 pts.

Windows Phone 7 in health IT?
The health IT industry seems to be dominated by iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Where will Windows Phone 7 fit?

Answer Question   |  November 29, 2010  3:54 am
microsoft, windows phone 7
asked by:
810 pts.

Citrix and healthcare security
When running Citrix Receiver is there a way to be HIPAA-compliant so that your data is encrypted or not accessible by outsiders when viewing it via Citrix Receiver without a secure vpn connection (ie SSL encrypted). Thanks

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  1:20 pm
asked by:
15 pts.

ZocDoc Cool web technology, but possibly needs more than just what it offers
I came across a web site by the name of ZocDoc. It is an online service that allows patients to schedule appointments by viewing all available blocks directly under physician’s calendars. Cool concept given the fact that very few vendors offer that integration and functionality. But would it make more sense to have a service...

Answer Question   |  July 22, 2010  4:10 am
solution review, ZocDoc
asked by:
1,785 pts.

Tablets in health care
What do you think of the new Dell tablets running Android, will they work better in your health care IT environment than iPads, do you have strong feelings either way?

Answer Question   |  June 15, 2010  4:30 pm
Apple, dell, google android, iPad, streak, tablet pc
asked by:
100 pts.

Flash supporting Android tablet- backlash on Apple?
Do you think Flash being supported on Android will impact Apple’s physician market reach? How might a potential anti-trust suit impact HIT?

Answer Question   |  June 19, 2010  6:58 pm
Adobe, Android, Apple, Flash, iPad, iphone
asked by:
25 pts.

What are the weakness of EHR?
What are the weakness of EHR?

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  2:20 am
Health care inventory management systems and software
asked by:
5 pts.

iSoft Lorenzo Users?
Any iSoft Lorenzo Users? How about Medical Records on PDAs??? I’ve been researching iSoft’s Lorenzo product and I’m wondering if it’s a secure and valid substitution for written patient notes? How about doctor’s using PDA’s for Clinical notes? As of now our system has iPM and EDIS in place, which is why I ask about...

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  10:01 pm
iSoft Lorenzo
asked by:
5 pts.

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