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electronic health record Questions

Electronic health record design team
Suppose the electronic record design team decides to tailor computer screen views to end user needs. This would allow end users to view only the minimum necessary information they need to perform their job. What questions should the design team ask? Where can they find guidance for their screen design project?

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  7:18 pm
electronic health record
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Working with vendors for EHR maintenance?
What is the best route to take in terms of working with EHR vendors on a regular basis for system maintenance and development needs? Who comprises the team that liaisons with the vendor, and how does that team work collaboratively with in house IT staff?

Answer Question   |  December 16, 2011  4:21 pm
ehr, EHR implementation, EHR vendors, electronic health record, RECs, Regional Extension Centers
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Total cost of ownership of EHR implementation?
What is the total cost of ownership for choosing, implementing and maintaining EHRs? What are the factors going into that assessment?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  9:08 pm
ehr, EHR adoption, EHR implementation, electronic health record
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Workflow considerations for EHR safety regs?
In looking at having to change established workflows to satisfy EHR software regulations, how do you assess your end-users acceptance of it? How did you secure their nod and support?

Answer Question   |  March 26, 2018  4:34 pm
ehr, electronic health record, software, Workflow
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EHRs and third party billing
Our facility depends on third party revenues to survive. What impact will EHRs have on our billing?

Answer Question   |  November 14, 2011  8:02 pm
Billing, ehr, electronic health record
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Accountable Care Organizations and data exchange
·         How health data will be shared in an ACO framework if without an EHR? What should a provider org do while they are in the pre-adoption phase?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  12:56 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACOs, Data exchange, EHRs, electronic health record
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How many organizations will certify EHRs for the ONC?
Does anyone know how many organizations will be selected to as ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies? Currently, there are two groups listed: Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) – Chicago, Ill. Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) – Austin, Texas I think we all knew that CCHIT was going to be on the list. How many...

Answer Question   |  October 5, 2010  4:58 am
ehr, electronic health record, health IT, ONC
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