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EHR selection Questions

Clinician input on EHR systems
How much input should clinicians have on selecting and customizing an EHR system? What’s the best way to go about getting their opinions?

Answer Question   |  December 11, 2012  8:20 pm
EHR adoption, EHR implementation, EHR selection
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Next step in tech adoption
Is there a next step for the government to encourage health care facilities to adopt new technologies like EHRs, HIE, e-prescribing etc.? Or is it up to the facilities to adopt now or be left behind?

Answer Question   |  December 3, 2012  6:42 pm
EHR adoption, EHR selection, HIE
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Total cost of EHR ownership?
is the total cost of ownership for choosing, implementing and maintaining an EHR at the hospital level? What factors should be going into the assessment? What team members should be leading the charge/involved?

Answer Question   |  September 13, 2011  6:13 pm
ehr, EHR implementation, EHR selection, Electronic health records
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