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disaster recovery Questions

EHR uptime and continuous availability
What’s the best strategy for ensuring EHR uptime in an outage or during a disaster?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  6:19 pm
disaster recovery, ehr
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Resource allocation and project prioritization for enterprise-level initiatives
We are a mid-size facility amidst an EHR upgrade, curious how others have handled resource allocation and prioritization (funding, staff) for infrastructure projects (disaster recovery planning, etc.) and other ongoing enterprise-wide and live application projects (clinical systems integration, EHR, ICD-10, etc.)? How should we prioritize between federal compliance and a strong, resilient infrastructure?

Answer Question   |  May 24, 2012  6:22 pm
disaster recovery, EHR implementation, Infrastructure, Tags: Resource allocation
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Number of associates that should be given telecommuting access, as part of a business continuity plan.
How critical is it to provide some or all employees within operations (for a large health insurance organization) the security and accessability to telecommute, as part of a business continuity plan (for pandemics & disasters? This does not apply to those that already telecommute, this would apply to the Operations associates that currently work in the...

Answer Question   |  September 8, 2011  10:05 pm
business continuity, Disaster planning, Disaster preparedness, Disaster recover, disaster recovery
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