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 Tablets in health care
What do you think of the new Dell tablets running Android, will they work better in your health care IT environment than iPads, do you have strong feelings either way?
ASKED: May 26, 2010  4:30 PM
UPDATED: June 15, 2010  2:20 am

Answer Wiki:
I am very interested in this question as well. I am planning on running a few EMR apps on an iPad - sometimes through app virtualization technology as many apps are windows-basec client/server apps. Those are easy to access via iPad - the question is whether the app is easy enough to use on such a device in a clinical setting. Please let us know what the thoughts on the Android are. Thanks! Florian twitter: <a href="">@florianbecker</a> After working with both platforms, it is very hard to distinguish at this stage which one is better than the other. Until recently, when comparing the actual hardware specifications, and operating system capabilities, it is hard to ignore the fact that Android has an advantage. Much of the android world revolves around Java, and that provides it with far more enterprise capabilities than what the iPad/iPhone platform does. When working with medical applications in healthcare and the need to connect to medical devices, process th data and analyze it and convert it using specific "parser" and such would typicly require a platform that is robulst and powerful. Unfortunatly DELL has not confirmed the use of Android in their tablet yet, but I would be very curious to see what some other vendors will offer as an alternative.
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