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 Tablet OS & Healthcare Apps
What platform will the majority of healthcare apps be written for? (Android/IOS/Windows/etc)

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ASKED: May 17, 2011  5:12 PM
UPDATED: May 23, 2011  2:04 am

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This is a great question. In the perfect world the platform would not matter and apps can be portable. But since consumers at this point have shown a lot more interest in the iOS platform and then Android it is dificult to predict who will stay on top and in what order they will be in few years. Android is gaining popularity and with WebOS and Windows phone playing catch up, it will be hard to predict. One thing for sure is that what has been the focus for some developers is to identify ways or development platforms that can allow reuse of code or having the apps be 100% browser base or HTML 5/Flex/ or silverlight based. But again, right now it looks like most are pushing for iOS and Android.
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I think Android is a superior platform for business related functions that require getting into the ‘guts’ of the phone. iOS has too much functionality hiding that is more geared to a less professional user.

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OS and Android.

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I would think RIM would be loosing some serious ground here.

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It is amazing that RIM has lost so much ground in this space!

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…. and another thing that stands out in my mind, will iOS be overshadowed by Android, with Steve Jobs absence and the Motorola aquisition?

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