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 Should continuum of care EHR interoperability be certified?

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ASKED: April 20, 2010  6:43 PM
UPDATED: April 28, 2010  1:01 pm

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I personally this is a huge waste of tax dollars to force EHR certification and will also stunt the growth or stomp out many vendors and doctors. Where was certification when NSF and 4010 began and the world is still functioning. Even with the payers who have special requirements in what was supposed too be standards. The Certifications, HIEs, re-certifications and the man power behind all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. What about physicians who cannot afford it after the stimulus money has run out and the support, updates and hardware will still exist and need to be maintained? And where will the EHR police come from and monitor the true usage version rush some dat in and write the rest on paper??? I have already seen this is action. Then you have vendors scaring physicians to buying products they will never fully get implemented or afford to continue. Then space, new hardware, (Servers, scanners and etc) and we have offices we go to you have to squueze down the hall as they even use the hall to store item as they can't afford office space because reimbursement for some specialties are so low, or they are in a bad demographic area or malpractice insurance has went up more then 30+% in the last three years. Rethink and look where the real problems are and for many physicians an EMR will not fix anything or enhance care despite what some want too believe. How about some new CEUs to help learn about newer issues in their specialty as many of the CEUs quizs I have see are so old I can pass them. Also, what about better payment for better care and reform for malpractice? <ul> <b>Why are we not spending all of our tax dollars to fix real problems are physicians need addressed and not add additional problem to them?? </b></ul>
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