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 securing your smart phone
Many of the apps available in the app store and Market place for the android have access to the phone directory, email identify and few other private items.  Does this mean that if you have a smartphone then you will most likely be the "victim" of targeted marketing AKA MORE SPAM.  Or is your privacy protected?

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android, iphone
ASKED: January 3, 2011  4:33 AM
UPDATED: December 17, 2018  9:48 pm

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First, you need to separate targeted marketing from spam. They are not the same. Spam is typically unrelated to what you want, although it might talk about things you do. Targeted marketing just makes advertisements more relevant. Second, you have to consider which applications have what rights and why. Android for instance tells you very explicitly what permissions an application requires prior to installation. You can very easily reject applications that you do not feel will use the permissions it requires wisely. How you make an informed decision is not an exact science, but reading the comments from others typically helps. Third, you need to define or understand what you want absolutely kept private and what you are willing to compromise. This might be difficult because it's not always easy to understand how certain data could be used, but you should be able to form an idea.
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