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What is single signon in RIS-PACS context.What is context sharing and CCOW?
ASKED: August 21, 2010  11:14 AM
UPDATED: March 8, 2018  10:49 am

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While reading your post, i came to know about RIS-PACS and CCOW. But i got only minimal information about it. Since I have an assignment based on these topics, I need to get more information. Could you please update it soon? best high speed internet in my area CCOW stands for Clinical context object workgroup.It is an HL7 standard.It defines means for the automatic ccordination and synchronization of disparate healthcare applications that co-reside on the same clinical desktop.  In RIS-PACS Context many times RIS and PACS are from different vendor and CCOW provides the desktop integration.If user sign on the RIS then he or she do not require to sign on the application.Apart from this context is also shared between RIS and PACS.So,if the shared context is patientid and study id then PACS will populate the image set automatically. Actually, I want some help with assignment but i think many time PACS web client is accessed through EMR or EHR.In that case also CCOW can help and singl signon can be achieved using CCOW.

Your post helped me to get some information about RIS-PACS and CCOW. But I think I need some more clarification on the topic. Hope you will include some more details here as soon as possible.catalina island hotel metropole deals
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