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 Resource allocation and project prioritization for enterprise-level initiatives
We are a mid-size facility amidst an EHR upgrade, curious how others have handled resource allocation and prioritization (funding, staff) for infrastructure projects (disaster recovery planning, etc.) and other ongoing enterprise-wide and live application projects (clinical systems integration, EHR, ICD-10, etc.)? How should we prioritize between federal compliance and a strong, resilient infrastructure?
ASKED: April 26, 2012  6:22 PM
UPDATED: May 24, 2012  8:49 pm

Answer Wiki:
Federal compliance is huge things these days. With all infrastructure projects, funding, staffing, it become hard to organize and manage. We have the same situation. It is so difficult that we have change CIO twice for last two years. My suggestion is that, take a small step at a time with the overall picture in the background. Maybe, one application update at a time, one server recovery plan at a time. At the same time, use your architect and project manager to layout a design and plans for all systems and initialtive to make sure every small steps are inline with the overall design. Outsource also is a solution. However, outsourcing is an art. You have to be very careful. Handling vender is a balance act. It could go very wrong. Good luck!
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