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 Regional Extension Centers effectiveness
To effectively encourage the adoption of electronic health records, should the regional extension centers expend who they support from the beginning and not limit to small practices and primary care only in the beginning?  What about the different specialties and larger groups? 



ASKED: June 24, 2010  4:13 AM
UPDATED: December 18, 2018  3:22 pm

Answer Wiki:
I am only familiar with the situation on Rhode Island, but the rationale probably is generally applicable. The primary goal of the REC program is to help "Priority PCPs". Priority PCPs are: 1) individual and small group primary care practices (less than 10 members), 2) community health centers, and 3) public hospitals - which are in settings serving uninsured, underinsured, and medically underserved populations. (Note: the definition of Priority PCP also includes Critical Access Hospitals and Rural Health Clinics that we do not have in Rhode Island.). During its first two years of operation, the REC is obligated to serve at least 1000 PPCPs to meet the requirements of the grant that is funding the development of the REC. The Rhode Island REC fully intends to service non-priority PCPs and specialists. However, the focus of its outreach effort will be on PPCPs. Based on my own observations to date, it makes sense to concentrate the program on the PPCPs. While the benefits to society and the national health care system will be significant, it also appears that EHR/EMR technology will be more a hindrance than a help for small practices. Most of these practices are very reluctant to make the transition from paper to electronic records. The two biggest reasons are 1) the perceived total cost to acquire and operate an EMR/EHR and 2) the fear that the technology will make matters worse for them, not better. I expect it will take a lot of one-on-one attention to convince PPCPs to get on board.
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