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 RECs- Serving physicians effectively?
A number of Regional Extension Centers are currently under development to help practices adopt EMR/EHR solutions and achieve Meaningful Use.  Are any of the RECs operational yet, and if so, what has been their success so far in attracting physicians and in serving the physicians effectively?
ASKED: June 24, 2010  4:43 PM
UPDATED: December 18, 2018  3:23 pm

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You are correct, most of the 60 REC's, are still under development. Hence, the successes aren't there to share yet. The REC's are receiving funding based upon 3 actions 1) Recruiting physicians to use their services 2) Selection and Implementation of an EHR by the doctor 3) Assisstance in achieving MU. The funding is typically $5,000 per physician, $1000 for action 1, $2000 and $2000 respectively. Again...its to early to gauge any centers effectiveness at this incubating stage. However, there are some concerns that the $5000 per doctor is not enough and is one factor that puts them in the position to fail. Additionally some physicians are concerned that some REC's (Medical Schools), do not understand the needs, workflow, and dynamics of the small 1-3 doc practice. I will be addressing some of this in a forthcoming blog!
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We covered the issue of inadequate REC funding back in February, and it was raised again by a couple state leaders at the Health Stimulus Exchange in New York this past April. You’re right, the consensus seems to be that the grant is just part of the package, but not the total package.

As for what the RECs will do, we have seen a few begin to name their preferred EHR vendors. The aim here is to help providers who need a new EHR system narrow their choices; it will also make implementation and training a bit easier, as the focus will be on but a few systems. Watch for announcements from your REC about preferred EHR vendors — many more should be coming up aoon.

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