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 Private Market place for mhealth
What if large health systems have the option to provide virtual mobile platforms to run on to of private mobile devices, would it improve security and improve IT?

Software/Hardware used:
Smartphones and Pads
ASKED: January 15, 2012  11:10 PM
UPDATED: August 29, 2012  11:51 am

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mHealth could improve healthcare, reduce medical costs<a href=""> Mobile devices offer an opportunity to improve care and reduce medical costs, according to a new re-port by the Brookings Institution. The Washington Post report — titled, “How Mobile Devices Are Transforming Healthcare” — outlines some recent findings about the mobile health market. The report noted that Brookings economist Robert Litan has found that the use of mobile health moni-toring devices could reduce U.S. health care costs by about $197 billion over the next 25 years. Darrell West — author of the report, vice president and director of governance studies for Brookings and founding director of its Center for Technology Innovation — said devices like “Gluco Phones” — which monitors blood sugar levels — could help patients take control of their care and decrease the bur-den on health care providers.
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The mHealth Alliance and the Stop TB Partnership have released a report outlining ways that mobile health technology could be used to combat tuberculosis.
The report — titled, “The Role of mHealth in the Fight Against Tuberculosis” — notes that mobile de-vices and software could help:
• Diagnose TB in the field;
• Educate patients and families about TB;
• Encourage patients to adhere to TB medication regimens by offering mobile credits or other in-centives; and
• Monitor TB diagnoses and treatment using mobile GPS locator systems.
The mHealth Alliance and the Stop TB Partnership said they plan to create work groups to help link TB control projects with the mobile health community. The work groups will include software developers, health care providers and other mobile health stakeholders.

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