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 Printing via Mac Hosting XP Through Parallels
I have several Doctors who of course love MacBooks. The issue is that our EMR application is hosted on a Windows Citrix Farm and uses Windows Virtual Drivers to print.

This is not a problem when using a Windows based system. But what can I do when users want to use MacBooks and still make use of Citrix and printing? Will I run into problems running Windows XP inside Parallels and then connecting to our EMR via Citrix?

This would be a good test.

Software/Hardware used:
Macbook Pro with Parallels and Windows XP Pro
ASKED: June 3, 2011  11:04 PM
UPDATED: December 17, 2018  8:24 pm

Answer Wiki:
It may be possible to print from a Macbook to one or more designated printers using the Mac Drivers. This would require these printers to be visible on the internal IP network. Ignore this suggestion if your printers are not on the network but directly connected to Windows machines. If the printers are network-capable, then they should accept requests from multiple clients just fine, Mac or Windows. If the printers are on Windows hosts, then I don't know enough to answer the question, except to suggest unhooking one or more of them from the Windows host and put them directly on the network, after adding a network card. (In reality I suspect Windows has the capability to allow print requests coming from the network to pass through directly to a locally connected printer.)
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