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 Practice Management System (PMS) features
With respect to practice management systems, what are the basic functional features that most PMS products have in common, and what are the features that typically differentiate a PMS from its competitors?
ASKED: July 26, 2010  3:36 PM
UPDATED: August 1, 2010  6:02 pm

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For small group practices, the California HealthCare Foundation has published an excellent <a href="">primer on practice management systems</a>. The document provides a good overview of what features to expect. It lists a number of features that differentiate the PMSs, some of which I would be inclined to put on my "absolutely-must-have" list (for example, a graphical user interface and appointment scheduling). Perhaps because the CHCF primer was written nearly two years ago, its discussion only differentiates between client-server solutions and ASP solutions. The writers were apparently unaware of the emerging SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions. If this primer were written today, I expect it would include a few paragraphs to discuss how the SaaS model differs from the client-server and ASP models. The SaaS model is likely to emerge over the next several years as the disruptive innovation that transforms the way PM and EHR service is delivered to small practices.
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In general, many of the vendors would have similar base functionality. These can generally be categorized in the following areas:

Revenue Cycle Management
Day to Day support
Clearing house integration
Integration with existing EHR
Cost (licensing fees and maintenance costs)
Electronic Patient Communication
Patient Portal
Data Input

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