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 Patient Record Integrity
How will the industry address the concerns relating to Health Information Exchange and the potential data mismatches that exist inside EHR's? As sited and referenced in a recent article (Oct. 2012), published by Healthcare Info Security, "a study found 8 percent to 14 percent of EHRs might have potentially dangerous patient data mismatches, such as a blood type being part of the wrong patient's file." Without solving a single unique identifier for patients, as well as the lack of engaging patients in their own record updates, how will the healthcare transformation ever be the kind of success intended? Ubiquitous and collaborative healthcare empowered by all parties in the chain of trust, which starts and ends with the patient and or care giver when applicable.
ASKED: February 21, 2013  4:03 PM
UPDATED: April 20, 2018  10:06 am

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