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Skype video HIPAA-compliant?
Is Skype video HIPAA-compliant? They use encrypted protocols, so does that mean they meet HIPAA requirements?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  8:33 pm
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Telehealth models for disease management
Has anyone seen any telehealth models for disease management, specifically for diabetes? Are any provider systems currently employing diabetes care with a telehealth component on a larger scale?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  4:34 pm
Telehealth, Telemonitoring
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10 pts.

Physician groups to form ACO?
Will large numbers of physician organizations or physician groups eventually develop an accountable care organization (ACO) of their own?[o:p][/o:p]

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  4:58 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACO
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HIPAA and Skype
Based off of a conversation I saw previously on LinkedIn, is Skype a HIPAA compliant platform for telehelath?

Answer Question   |  February 14, 2012  4:12 pm
LinkedIn, Skype, Telehealth
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HIPAA compliance of BAs
How do you know if Business Associates is indeed HIPAA compliant, as the prime liability is on the medical practice (covered entity)?

Answer Question   |  February 15, 2012  8:25 pm
Business associates, Covered entities, HIPAA
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What will be the hottest topic at HIMSS?
What do you think will be the hottest topic at HIMSS this year?

Answer Question   |  February 8, 2012  4:12 am
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Standards for EHR integration of CCD data at the HIE level
Given that HIEs are pushing for the use of CCD for PHI data exchange among facilities, how is the actual merging of the data into an existing EHR being considered? If the data is not able to be adequately integrated, and in the absence of standards, how can one be sure that the imported data...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  2:54 pm
CCD, Continuity of care document, EHR standards, EHRs, Health information exchanges, HIEs
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15 pts.

Who is the leader in CPHIT/CPEHR Health IT Certification Training?
I am looking for the top training provider for CPHIT/CPEHR

Answer Question   |  February 4, 2012  4:34 pm
CPHIT/CPEHR Health IT Certification Training
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Surgery Scheduling and Collaboration
Are there any web based(cloud) surgery scheduling applications that allow for hospital and vendor communication?

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  8:55 pm
cloud computing, mobile apps, SaaS, surgery scheduling
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What keeps Medical Record Directors of Hospitals up at night?
What are some of the issues Medical Record Directors in hospitals deal with besides HIPAA, Meaningful Use and HITECH?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  8:41 pm
breaches, cost savings, Medical Record Directors issues
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Security Requirements & Medical Device Network Connectivity
Are there regulatory requirements for medical device data connectivity, and their dedicated networks? Do they affect physical attributes of their network closets?

Answer Question   |  June 11, 2012  4:47 pm
Medical Device Data Security, Medical Device Network Closets
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Private Market place for mhealth
What if large health systems have the option to provide virtual mobile platforms to run on to of private mobile devices, would it improve security and improve IT?

Answer Question   |  August 29, 2012  11:10 pm
mobile devices, Virtualization
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Data sharing, governance of EHR data and patient records
Does, or how does, your in-facility EHR share data with other outside-facility EHRs to create a patient-centric longitudinal health record? If this isn’t the case, does the EHR, in essence, perform the functionality of an EMR? If so, how do you handle data governance and privacy/security with data being viewed outside of the facility? Thanks!

Answer Question   |  January 11, 2012  5:24 pm
Data exchange, ehr, EMR, PHI
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20 pts.

Dell for better storage costs?
We are currently using HP for our storage and virtualization needs. But I recently read a case study on the site about how Boston Medical Center is using Dell services to cut storage costs and needs. Like Boston Medical, we are a large medical facility that needs to store a lot of data in...

Answer Question   |  December 11, 2018  7:23 pm
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ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS
What impact on coding professionals and physicians be when converting to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS

Answer Question   |  January 16, 2012  3:52 am
ICD-10 transition
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Readiness for NHIN standards with HIE
Is the NHIN standard going to figure into information exchange, especially in ACOs? It looks like nation-wide HIE is a long way off, maybe even a decade. How much time should be spent on NHIN readiness now?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  2:39 pm
Health information exchange, HIE, NHIN, standards
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15 pts.

sony EricssonX10i lastest soft ware problem
after updating my X10i(mobile) software, iam facing very serious problem in opening images. when ever i open images my phone get stuck or held then i have to restart it. iam fedup of theall the time restarting it.and again it happen whenever i want to open camera images.please help

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  5:56 am
Mobile devices and telehealth
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5 pts.

Are specialists included in the populations an REC serves?
Are there some eligible providers that RECs do not serve? I’ve heard they do not help specialists. Are all the RECs under charter to serve the same populations of doctors?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  7:27 pm
EHR implementation, RECs, Regional Extension Centers
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10 pts.

Care delivery and data capture in Accountable Care
Some people setting up ACOs have mentioned one critical flaw to the concept: Collecting data for patient visits when they seek care outside of the ACO’s network (on vacation, don’t like in-network specialists, etc). While patients will be given the choice to go wherever they want for care, how can IT staffs help make sure...

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  7:12 pm
Accountable Care Organizations, ACOs, Data collection
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20 pts.

Data exchange services of HIEs?
What services besides the exchanging of data are HIEs prominently providing? ePrescribing, secure e-messaging, Direct Project?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  6:48 pm
Data exchange, Direct Project, ePrescribing, eRx, Health information exchanges, HIEs
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30 pts.

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