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Medicare/Medicaid incentive cuts enough to spur EHR upgrades?
The new standards for EHR certification have been released.  In order to qualify as a meaningful user and receive the Medicare?Medicaid incentive payments, one must use a certified EHR.  Will the new standards force existing EHR users to upgrade their systems?  If they will have to upgrade, what will the financial and operational impact be...

Answer Question   |  July 22, 2010  3:35 pm
EHR Integration, Meaningful use, meaningful use final rule
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Are partial incentives a possibility
As some EP begin to seriously consider the adoption of Certified EHR and meeting the criteria of meaningful use, the question becomes. if they can’t meet stage 2 and 3 in meaningful use, would they still receive the incentives for Stage 1 if it is met?

Answer Question   |  July 27, 2010  2:06 am
incentives, Meaningful use
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1,785 pts.

PACS Image Thin Slices
Does it make sense to store all the thin slices generated in the modality such as CT or MR or only selected thick slices in the PACS.Is it going to effect efficiency of Radiologist if whole set of thin slice of images are produced before them.What other kind of strategies one can adopt relavant to...

Answer Question   |  December 14, 2018  11:53 am
Imaging, PACs
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435 pts.

iPad or Android tablets for check-in
I have seen several surgery organizations using DVD players to educate the patients on certain procedures prior to the surgery. Has anyone seen those “old” dvd players replaced with iPads or other tablets? Can’t their functionality be extended and used to check-in patients and get certain forms filled electronically?

Answer Question   |  July 21, 2010  3:03 am
iPad, Kiosk, tablets
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1,785 pts.

Relaxed Final Rule criteria- enough to prompt action?
The Final Rule for Meaningful Use relaxed many of the criteria for achieving MU in 2011 and 2012. From the viewpoint of solo physicians and small practices, will the difference be enough to persuade them to make the transition? If not, why?

Answer Question   |  July 16, 2010  1:57 pm
EHR implementation, Meaningful use, meaningful use incentives
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Would the final meaningful use rules increase EHR installs?
Now that the final ruling has been released, and much of the submitted 2000 comments taken into consideration, and the requirements are much more flexible than previously released.  Does anyone feel that this would increase the adoption of EHR?

Answer Question   |  July 16, 2010  3:59 am
meaningful use final rule
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1,785 pts.

DICOM Anonymization
What is DICOM anonymization in PACS? What is the purpose of this anonymization and what current PACS provide these facilities?

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  5:38 pm
DICOM, ehr, PACs
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Surgical Scheduling and why is it necessary to have two scheduling systems
I find it very hard to believe that PMS vendors can’t add scheduling functionality that Surgical specialties require.  In recent months I have worked with several surgical groups and every time I have noticed that a surgical scheduling component was missing from the main PMS and an additional purchase was made to accommodate for the...

Answer Question   |  July 10, 2010  11:16 pm
surgery scheduling
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1,785 pts.

Opensource EHR CPRS or Vist-A in the private practice
Opensource products has been used in healthcare for many years now.  Many of which deployed at hospitals wich one has accomplished HIMSS Stage 7 and others use it to exchange data across federal, state and private entities such as the NHIN.  The question that I would like to get input on is: Has anyone seen...

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  4:02 am
ehr, EMR, VA
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1,785 pts.

Mobile charge capture for Nephrologists
Does anyone know of a good mobile solution (iPad/iPhone/Android,Tablet PC) for neprology that also have the ability to generate HL7 charge capture file (with DFT segments)?

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  7:48 pm
charge capture, mobile devices, nephrology billing
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1,785 pts.

ONC final rule with respect to ambulatory practice size
ONC has announced its final rule for temporary certification of EHR technology.  With respect to technology for ambulatory practices, there is no distinction between large and small practices.  In other words, one size fits all.  It seems odd to me that to qualify as a meaningful user, a solo physician must use a product that...

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  5:31 pm
EHR Certification, Meaningful use, ONC
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5 pts.

PACS Workstations
What are the standard features of PACS Workstations.What are the different kinds of workstations installed for PACS.Is there are different types of workstations available for different modalities types.

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  9:20 am
PACs, Workstations
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435 pts.

RECs- Serving physicians effectively?
A number of Regional Extension Centers are currently under development to help practices adopt EMR/EHR solutions and achieve Meaningful Use.  Are any of the RECs operational yet, and if so, what has been their success so far in attracting physicians and in serving the physicians effectively?

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  4:43 pm
EHR Integration, EHR systems, REC
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15 pts.

Hanging protocols in PACS?
What is a hanging protocol in PACS? How does it helps in the improving the productivity? Is it a common feature?

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  4:37 pm
Hanging Protocol, PACs, RIS
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5 pts.

EMR/PM SaaS solutions for smaller practices
For smaller primary care practices (five or fewer physicians), what integrated EMR/PM solutions are available as SaaS for a monthly subscription fee? (Solution must be shared by multiple tenants concurrently.)

Answer Question   |  July 10, 2010  3:25 pm
EMR, Physician Practice, Practice Management, SaaS
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5 pts.

Regional Extension Centers effectiveness
To effectively encourage the adoption of electronic health records, should the regional extension centers expend who they support from the beginning and not limit to small practices and primary care only in the beginning?  What about the different specialties and larger groups?     

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  4:13 am
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1,785 pts.

Integrating Healthcare Enterprise(IHE)
What is IHE.How it is contributing towards Interoperability.How it can be utilized while procuring system for Healthcare Organization.

Answer Question   |  May 10, 2018  5:00 am
IHE, Integration, Interoperability and health information exchange, PACs
asked by:
435 pts.

Radiology Information System(RIS)
What is RIS?What kind of functionalities does RIS support?How RIS is used along with PACS.

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  4:47 am
DICOM, PACs, Radiology, RIS
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435 pts.

How do I figure out the cost comparison between EMR systems?
How do I figure out the cost comparison between EMR systems when they are quoted so differently? Some are subscription and some are licencing agreements.

Answer Question   |  June 23, 2010  4:14 pm
cost, EMR, licencing, subscription
asked by:
35 pts.

Network naming conventions?
I know a main consideration when building out your infrastructure for EHR is re-evaluating the enterprise naming convention used. What’s the best way to go about this as you position to expand your network?

Answer Question   |  July 4, 2010  9:39 pm
EHR systems, enterprise network management, naming convention
asked by:
5 pts.

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