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OT/OR Monitors and PACS
Is there any special kind of Operation Theatre or Operation Room Workstations or Monitors available.What kind of size and resolution will be good for them.

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  7:41 pm
Monitors, OR, OT, PACs
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How can RIS PACS help to meet HIPAA compliance.What kind of P&P will help to achieve this

Answer Question   |  September 25, 2010  7:16 pm
HIPAA, PACs, RIS, security
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70 pts.

Internal threats: Data access and patient information
Much attention has been given to protecting EHR data from hackers who might break into a database and steal or alter information.  However, I am more concerned about another kind of threat: the inside job.  What is being done to prevent people and institutions that already have access to personal health care information from using...

Answer Question   |  November 3, 2011  8:34 pm
HIPAA, HIPAA violations
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Requirement to use certified EHRs retarding innovation?
Based on my experience with EHRs, there still needs to be more innovation in order to satisfy the requirements of small practices.  However, EHRs have to be certified in order to qualify for meaningful use.  The process of getting certified is onerous and costly.  To what degree is the requirement to use certified EHRs retarding...

Answer Question   |  October 12, 2010  8:20 pm
EHR Certification, EHR Incentive, EHR systems
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Can sharing this type of data help patients?
I was ver interested in the following web site. It shows how helpful for many patients it is to share their medical condition as well as what has elped them cope/deal with their health condition. Does this pose a privacy concern? or is it a great way to show the value of sharing data. Web...

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  2:57 am
PatientsLikeMe, sharing data
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Should HIEs negotiate an interface rate with EHR vendors?
Should HIEs negotiate an interface rate with EHR vendors? During a recent conference a presenter from the ONC explained how an HIE was able to negotiate a standard interface cost for all participating EHR vendors for no more than 1500.00. This sounds like a great concept that will maintain the interfacing costs down.

Answer Question   |  May 15, 2018  12:08 am
ehr, HIE interfaces
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1,785 pts.

What happens if the govt runs out of money?
The government is promising all types of financial incentives for providers and hospitals. What if the govt runs out of money? Is this even likely to happen, and what then?

Answer Question   |  September 20, 2010  3:41 am
Meaningful use
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How much money is needed from HHS?
In a new round of over 20 Million dollars in new funds to support EHR adoption, one must wonder how each of the states define the funds needed for their initiatives. From looking at the list you see a wide range from: Massachusetts granted $132,000 to Kansas and Iowa granted over $1,000,000.00

Answer Question   |  September 13, 2010  1:39 am
federal funds
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1,785 pts.

Comparative health information management
One of the most important responsibilities of a director will be to determine the best possible way to treat patients at the lowest cost or ensure that the MDS is complete or is it something else.

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  9:15 pm
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How many organizations will certify EHRs for the ONC?
Does anyone know how many organizations will be selected to as ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies? Currently, there are two groups listed: Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) – Chicago, Ill. Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) – Austin, Texas I think we all knew that CCHIT was going to be on the list. How many...

Answer Question   |  October 5, 2010  4:58 am
ehr, electronic health record, health IT, ONC
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810 pts.

Do you get your employee sign a specific EMR confidentiality form

Answer Question   |  September 13, 2010  1:47 am
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EHR functionality: Incomplete viewing of patient information
The EHR I am using forces me into “key-hole” vision, viewing just one bit of patient information, one computer screen at a time.  To get a complete view of all the recent information concerning the patient, I have to click on separate screens for each kind of information (e.g., lab tests, x-rays, and hospital discharge...

Answer Question   |  September 29, 2010  8:16 pm
EHR functionality
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10 pts.

Breast Screening Program
What are the features in RIS-PACS one can look for when somebody is planning for Breast screening program

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  5:27 am
Mammo, PACs, RIS
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70 pts.

How does RIS support MQSA.Does JCI compliance mandates to comply with MQSA

Answer Question   |  December 17, 2018  4:53 am
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435 pts.

Interfaced vs Integrated?
We are constantly hearing these terms about how an EHR/PMS is an integrated system and that it would be a much better solution than an interfaced one. But is it really true that an interfaced system is any less reliable?

Answer Question   |  December 11, 2018  4:30 am
Integration, Interfaces
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1,785 pts.

MU a barrier to adoption in smaller practices?
Are the meaningful use criteria a barrier to adoption for most small practices? If so, why, and what can be done to help overcome?

Answer Question   |  September 26, 2011  7:36 pm
EHR implementation, EHR Integration
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Citrix and healthcare security
When running Citrix Receiver is there a way to be HIPAA-compliant so that your data is encrypted or not accessible by outsiders when viewing it via Citrix Receiver without a secure vpn connection (ie SSL encrypted). Thanks

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  1:20 pm
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15 pts.

is the shrinking pool of EHR vendors feasible?
As acquisitions and mergers are becoming more common in the EHR arena. If we were to predict that we will end up with 3 to 4 EHR vendors and more adopted standards, is that good for small to mid size physicians? How is that going to impact the overall cost of EHR? will it drive...

Answer Question   |  September 17, 2010  2:51 am
EHR vendors
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1,785 pts.

DICOM Modality Integration common issues
What are the common challenges faced while doing integration of modality with RIS-PACS.

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  11:17 am
DICOM, Integration, PACs, RIS
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35 pts.

What is single signon in RIS-PACS context.What is context sharing and CCOW?

Answer Question   |  December 18, 2018  11:14 am
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