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Who all has viewed this record and when?
With federal legistration trying to push towards making electronic health records immediately available to emergency personnel and medical professionals as needed, but also wanting to be able to view a report of anyone who has ever viewed an individual’s record at any given point and what may have been done with that data, what software vendors...

Answer Question   |  June 7, 2017  9:11 pm
EHR security
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Automation restrictions
How can you effectively use automation when dealing with MAR, PHI, HIFCA and HIPAA compliance restrictions and create repeatable tests that maximizes development?

Answer Question   |  August 24, 2011  8:51 pm
Automation and Compliance
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Step-up Step-down
What are your thoughts on a step-up/step-down tool for ICD9-ICD10 conversion? We may be replacing our system in the next couple years and don’t want to spend a lot modifying our application to support ICD10 codes, only to replace the entire thing shortly thereafter.

Answer Question   |  August 24, 2011  8:50 pm
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It is so very hard to go through the mountains of paperwork for Medicare and the upcoming meaningful use with all it’s complex parts, and also have to worry about HIPAA and how to meet all our security needs with emr sharing across networks and so forth. What is the best way to approach this?

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2017  8:14 pm
ARRA, HIPAA, Meaningful use, Medicare
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Is it ok to transport medical records from one clinic to another by car?
I work in a Pregnancy Care Clinic in Ky. We are needing to transport Sonogram reports from our clinic to our Medical Director’s Clinic in another town for him to review and sign off on. Is this legal?

Answer Question   |  April 16, 2017  2:57 pm
transporting medical records
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What are the challenges involved in moving departmental clinical systems to virtual servers and developing interfaces with core Electronic Patient Rec
Dear all, I need to prepare a presentation based on: “What are the challenges involved in moving departmental clinical systems to virtual servers and developing interfaces with core Electronic Patient Records”. Is it possible to help me on what a have to focused, please? Thank you in advance, Yanita

Answer Question   |  August 19, 2011  10:15 am
Virtualization and cloud computing
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How do I get into the HealthIT Field?
How do I become develop a basic set of skills to work in health it?

Answer Question   |  August 17, 2011  9:04 pm
Health IT Learning
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Does your health organization have a social media policy?
There are a growing number of health care professionals using social media these days. Does your organization have a policy?

Answer Question   |  August 4, 2011  4:51 am
facebook, social media, Twitter
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Document management in the cloud?
Can a cloud based document management be the next as benificial as other products available throught the SaaS model?

Answer Question   |  July 24, 2011  3:31 pm
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What are the trends in outsourcing
What is Competition doing What do you Expect Competition to do in the next 12 months – markets, technologies and services?

Answer Question   |  July 4, 2011  5:13 pm
competitive strategy, India, IT outsourcing
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Managed Care owning clinics and medical practices? is that a good idea?
So, we continue to see changes in healthcare in the US.  Ranging from healthcare reform, ACO, and now we are starting to see some of the larger Managed care organizations acquiring medical practices.  Would that change the way physicians decide on care?

Answer Question   |  August 29, 2011  9:21 pm
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Google will stop google health
what are your thoughts on Google announcing that it will stop operating Google Health?

Answer Question   |  July 11, 2017  8:38 pm
Google Health
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HIPAA and other compliance on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
So how are people currently addressing HIPAA compliance on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).  And are you using a single solution or multiple solutions for different device OS – Blackberry, iOS, Android, WebOS, ChromeOS, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, etc.  Are you using native applications or web applications for patient information?

Answer Question   |  September 10, 2017  5:59 pm
Compliance, HIPAA, smartphones, tablets
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Adoption of mHealth by chronic disease
In the United States, which diseases have (or will have) the highest level of mHealth adoption? In other words, in which field of medicine are specialist providers adopting mHealth solutions in the greatest numbers? Or – slightly different way of asking the question – in which chronic disease field would mHealth solutions have the most...

Answer Question   |  January 18, 2017  2:47 pm
chronic disease, disease management, mhealth
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5010 File Samples
Is there an online site or repository that offers samples of 5010 837p and other 5010 files.

Answer Question   |  June 12, 2011  3:27 pm
5010 files
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Backup strategies
As databases grow and medical become more reliant on the system, downtime windows become smaller.  What technologies have been leveraged to continue to accomplish backups without a large backup window?

Answer Question   |  March 24, 2017  2:47 pm
sql backup
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How do you do a PROC overriding a PROC in JCL?
We have PROC’s inside of PROC’s in our JCL, how do you override the inner proc?

Answer Question   |  April 26, 2018  12:27 am
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Printing via Mac Hosting XP Through Parallels
I have several Doctors who of course love MacBooks. The issue is that our EMR application is hosted on a Windows Citrix Farm and uses Windows Virtual Drivers to print. This is not a problem when using a Windows based system. But what can I do when users want to use MacBooks and still make...

Answer Question   |  December 5, 2017  11:04 pm
Citrix, MacBook, Parallels, printing, Windows 7
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Health Information Exchange: Data Center Preparedness
What strategic measures are you taking to get your data center prepared to become part of a local Health Information Exchange?

Answer Question   |  February 21, 2017  10:40 pm
HIE Program
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What are the best DCSM software packages people are using
What are the best DCSM software packages people are using. I have reviewed things like Rackwise and viridity and others and in the economics of today I am getting stopped by budget constraints at every turn. Does anyone have any recommendations as to a comprehensive software package that will provide a solid DCSM platform and...

Answer Question   |  June 27, 2011  9:59 pm
Asset, Data centers, data centers and servers, DCSM, Inventory, Management
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