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 PACS Studies Split and Merge
What is splitting and merging in PACS and what is the use case for the Split and merge.Does RIS vendor RIS PACS provide this features as standard

ASKED: September 28, 2010  7:02 PM
UPDATED: February 14, 2018  12:00 pm

Answer Wiki:
The split and merge functions in PACS is basically used to divide the study folders into two or further or to merge multiple study folders into one.It's that simple as said in the answer given. These are basic features and I think it would be provided in the standard/basic versions. cable tv providers Spliting and Merging in context of studies in PACS means dividing the single study folder into more study folder or adding the different study folder into one study folder. Splitting may be reuired to be done when patient is registered for different exams separetly in RIS but exam is performed together on modality/ In this case tech needs to divide the series and copies into different folder created for different exams during registration. Merging may be required to be done when complementry exam or series is added into exam after the study is completed. Splitting and merging is available as Quality control tools with most of the RIS PACS vendor.

This piece of information might be useful for all those who are searching for the steps regarding the splitting and merging in PACS. I have gone through it and it really works. Thanks for the share. Orkopina Window Cleaning
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