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 PACS Architecture
What is the general Architecture of PACS? What are the major components of PACS?

ASKED: July 27, 2010  12:14 PM
UPDATED: December 18, 2018  3:17 pm

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In general term Architecture is about the components and constituents of an entity.PACS comprises of following core components - Database System, Modality gateway System, Interfaces to Radiology Information System and other Systems, Storage System, web servers for Image Distribution system. Apart from core components there are other components which completes the whole architecture and components are Clinical Diagnostic workstations, Advanced Processing workstations, Voice Recognition and Digital dictation system etc.
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PACS is a network of computers dedicated for management of medical images. Typical architecture consists of
– Transmitting images from image acquisition devices
– Storing the images in Servers in industry standard formats such as DICOM
– Viewing software in different devices

Typically a PACS network consists of a central server to store the images in database. This is conneted to multiple clients, which provide and/or display the images.

The most common format for image storage is DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine).

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Most architectures for PAC systems are in legacy design. The metamorphosis of this technology has got a shot in the arm now that EMR Enterprise Networks are now the altar of integration efforts that include networking with such “legacy” components. The timing for this question is perfect as I am currently working a an “interconnect” component that allows access to patient records viewing a matrix of indexes (no better way to say this), that finds patient medical records up to nation-wide locations and correlates these and other associate non-medical records (financial) into the “matrix” of patient records for reference and updates by authorized medical and administrative staff. So the game is afoot in order to bring together the desparate technologies as many are in serious need of modification in order to seemlessly integrate. So, be patient, we have a Go-live in the first part of October this year and I can give you a laundry list of what works, what issues still exist (there are always left overs), and a network schematic describing various levels of components and their functions.

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