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 Outgrowing your data center? Cloud the next step?
Anyone currently outgrown their data center? If not yet, how long do you think it will be until expansion is necessary for you? Cloud center the way to go?
ASKED: March 12, 2010  7:21 PM
UPDATED: March 16, 2010  4:47 pm

Answer Wiki:
We have outgrown our data centers in a way that is not all about data center floor space but more to do with power requirements. When you have power issues in the backup power plant the issues can become a major concern if you are only looking at the space in the room and not the infrastructure that is supporting. The new requirements to lower power draw impacts your cooling, expansion, type of servers and how your applications are being support by the servers. Our concern is not space, in most cases, but the increase acquisitions that consolidate more servers to a single or multiple locations with replication and electronic data storage increasing. That means more BTU support needs which leads to more power draw with more backup power requirements. This is where space becomes an issue with the adding of generator, UPS rooms and dual entry of utilities. Some of the long-term goals are to get to two data centers and maybe a disaster site (this depends on the location of the second site). We provide for an outward facing presents of the Hospital’s general information and an employee access interface to non-critical information. In my words we use intranet web servers as application jump points (I indentify them as the intranets AOL web front end) to make it easier for the users to jump to application front end. When you conceder the size of a Hospital’s intranet when you have over 15,000 employees, over 2,000 medical students, and numbers of partners we basically have a cloud system internal to our users. We have started moving production application from the single or clusters servers over to VM servers. This has a goal of approximately 8 servers doing the application presentation of over 200 applications of which could add up to as many as 400 physical servers.
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