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 Mobile health integration case studies?
·         What are some of the best case studies of success in terms of hospitals who have been through a larger-scale mobile health implementation (iPad roll out?), who are good poster children for the process and can speak to the benefits, ROI, etc?

ASKED: October 24, 2011  12:52 PM
UPDATED: August 20, 2016  6:11 pm

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I think it might be a little too early to see enough case studies with tangible realized ROI. The hardware itself is great, however, mobile health apps are getting released very slowly. And are still very limited. I think this makes it very difficult for anyone to openly discuss the ROI. Any way, I try to read essay writing services review but hope this answer is useful for me. I like to put anwer according to my limited Knowledge.
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We recently published a case study on a health care system using the iPad. The system’s secret to success (so far) has been a virtual desktop infrastructure, which eases makes management and security. For organizations that plan to use tablets and smartphones for applications that will access clinical data, this very well may be the way to go.

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While I cannot speak to the Ipad, hospitals such as Sarasota Memorial (FL), Frisbie Memorial (NH), Heartland Health (MO), Texas Children’s (TX), etc..are all experiencing both qualitative and quantifiable improvements as a result of their clinical iPhone deployments at the point-of-care.

There are Spotlights on both Sarasota Memorial (perhaps the most advanced hospital in the world with regards to their adoption of iPhones) and Frisbie Memorial published on the Voalte website if anyone is interested in reviewing and discussing.

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I agree it’s quite early to speak to ROI of mobile health when most healthcare organizations are having issues implementing an EHR/EMR system. Healthcare seems a little behind when it comes to new technology, and government regulations even more so, hence the problems with HIPAA violations in the recent news.

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