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 Medicare/Medicaid incentive cuts enough to spur EHR upgrades?
The new standards for EHR certification have been released.  In order to qualify as a meaningful user and receive the Medicare?Medicaid incentive payments, one must use a certified EHR.  Will the new standards force existing EHR users to upgrade their systems?  If they will have to upgrade, what will the financial and operational impact be on solo physicians and small practices?

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ASKED: July 21, 2010  3:35 PM
UPDATED: July 22, 2010  4:19 am

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If some practices have been already using an EHR, then the path to meeting the meaningful use would be much easier since the review of the meaningful use and all the changes implemented. The key obstacle that already EHR users would be: If the vendor of their EHR package is planning on getting certified. Ensuring at least some sort of test with data exchange Most the core set of measures(at least for stage 1) have been in use by most EHR users. There will also most likely see some type of upgrade charges from their vendors (mostly from vendors that just want to charge for the additional features, or the ones that are trying to recap the costs associated with the certification process). There will also be some workflow changes, especially for organizations that never collected vitals and some additional required fields at the patient registration stage. But all and all, the stage one looks very promising for most EHR users. Unless you are using some hybrid EHR (it would be a little more difficult to accomplish meaningful use) due to the lack of structured data.
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